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EPIDEMIA is the Minter network's custom coin, which was created on May 5, 2020 on block 1095636.

The main purpose of the coin is to promote the Minter blockchain outside the ecosystem.

Coin Characteristics

Coin assignment

The coin EPIDEMIA plays the role of social fund, all profits from which (donations, rewards from delegation) are aimed at rewarding active crypto enthusiasts who carry information about Minter to the masses, as well as promoting other ecosystem projects on crypto forums, social networks, blogs and other venues.

What's already done

  • The Minter.Forums list of topics which somehow connected with the Minter ecosystem in different forums was collected. Many topics were created by the author of the EPIDEMIA coin;

Plans for 2020

  • In 2020, raise the coin capitalization EPIDEMIA to 500,000 BIP;
  • Translate basic information about Minter into 10-15 languages;
  • Activate a community to promote the ecosystem on different information resources;
  • Construct a minimum of 10 advertising campaigns.

Owner of the coin

Creator and owner of the coin is epideⓂhttps://www.altcoinstalks.com/. He is a crypto enthusiast and forum moderator of Cryptotalk and [️https://www.altcoinstalks.com/ Altcoinstalks].