How to convert coins

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Coin conversion is token exchange of any coins that have circulation in the Minter network one for another. There is no need for separate service, such as the exchange, for buying/selling coins in the Minter network, this operation is performed using built-in tools in user wallet.

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It is highly recommended to familiarize coin's basic characteristics on one of the following services before converting coins:

Convert coins via Console


Open the Console, go to the Convert tab and choose one of the next exchange options:

  • Sell coins - in this case, you can indicate the exact number of coins for sale and choose a coin for a commission payment.
  • Sell all coins - in this case, you can sell all the coins by clicking one button so that commission is automatically charged on the number of coins sold, and all remaining coins are exchanged. It’s useful if you do not want "Crumbs" to remain in your wallet.
  • Buy coins - a mode for accurately indicating the number of coins purchased. Similar to the first mode. It is useful if you need to buy only a certain number of coins, for example, to make a payment for some service.

In any of the modes you have to:

  • Choose a coin for sale from the list available in your wallet
  • Write coins Ticker. It is better to copy it from the above services, otherwise, if you make a mistake in writing, you will get a completely different coin
  • Enter the amount of the purchase/sale of coins

Convert coins in Mobile wallet

The mobile wallet in Android and iOS have almost the same functionality. Therefore, we show as the example - Android wallet.

The Coin tab at the bottom has a Convert button

Android convert.jpg

Click on it and window with two tabs will be open:

  • SPEND - analog of "Sell Coins" in the Console
  • GET - analog "Buy coins" in the Console

After you enter the necessary values for conversion, the number of coins bought or sold is displayed.

Then a confirmation window is displayed where you can check all the information on the transaction and press the "CONVERT!"

Conversion is done​!

Coin conversion fee

The conversion fee is fixed at 0.10 BIP.

It doesn't depend on the number of coins exchanged or kind of coins you want to exchange.

Also, you can send up to 1024 bytes of useful data in the Message field in each transaction. A commission of 0.002 BIP is provided for each byte.